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Based in Dubai, UAE, MPay is a dynamic FinTech startup offering SMEs innovative financial solutions. MPay Business is a user-friendly alternative to traditional business banking, designed with the intuitive experience of a consumer product. Serving as a financial operating system for SMEs, it includes three essential components: payments, spend management, and lending.

We are unlocking payment trends

MPay, a comprehensive financial platform, offers solutions for payment collection, corporate cards, and expense management. Key features include low transaction fees, multi-currency support, expedited settlements, and robust anti-fraud systems.

It also provides payment links, invoicing, recurring payments, and automation APIs. Additionally, the MPay Visa Card helps manage company spending and reduce transaction fees. Emphasizing user-friendly interfaces, dedicated account management, and high security, MPay is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

Identifying the challenges

Our team successfully tackled various challenges throughout the project, including ensuring secure transactions, addressing software stability issues, navigating unclear regulations, and facilitating seamless integrations with custom services.

Our dedicated efforts and expertise allowed us to overcome these obstacles and deliver effective solutions for our customers.

Adaptable Web & Mobile Solution

Our team embarked on a comprehensive journey to develop a sophisticated UX and UI design for the payment platform and mobile application. We meticulously analyzed the user flow through multiple iterations and crafted a design that exudes friendliness and openness.

The light and intuitive interface fosters seamless interaction and encourages users to engage with the payment platform. Additionally, we seamlessly connected the mobile solution with the web platform, ensuring a cohesive visual and logical integration.

Due to the upgraded design and enhanced functionality, the platform experienced a threefold increase in new visitor flow and successful conversion into active users.
The Results

Engagement rate

Significant increase active website users per month.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate from marketing and email campaigns increased.

Boost inproduct traffic

Increased user traffic using an understandable interface for users

Reduction in bounce rate

Optimization and testing helped reduce the bounce rate.
Our experts demonstrated their prowess in delivering an intuitive user experience, resulting in improved business impact and increased user engagement including a significant 16.5% increase in conversion rate, a 12% boost in product traffic, a 18% reduction in bounce rate, and a notable 11% improvement in Engagement rate.

These achievements reflect our commitment to conveniently delivering an exceptional experience for MPay through the website and mobile application.

Our focus extends beyond mere customer happiness, and we firmly believe that customer satisfaction drives growth and fosters business development.
Next up - Story of transformation
Next up - Story of transformation
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